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Charlesmiz 14.10.2019 05:11
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Alex 12.10.2019 19:34

read the information about the trademark on Your website, why such a long period of registration of the trademark?

good time.

the long term of trademark registration is associated with the presence of the registration period, which lasts 6 months from the date of filing an application for trademark registration. During this period Your trademark is published on the official website of the Patent Office but during this period the trademark is not registered.

During this period (6 months), another person may challenge Your rights if that person has a reason to do so, for example, a registered trademark similar to Your trademark.

Andrei 12.10.2019 15:45

I read a lot of information about the patent for industrial design, I do not quite understand what a patent for industrial design is in the end. thanks in advance for the answer.

good time

Let's try to clarify the situation on the question of what is industrial design. We will not" bombard " you with terminology, but will explain in simple language what industrial design is.
Design is what a product looks like. For example, if you take an interior door, it is patented as it looks in this case, the interior door, it includes the proportions of the door, structural elements (horizontal and vertical elements), for example, how many glasses in this door, what are the sizes of glasses. This is not a drawing, but a photo of what the door looks like. In the section "patent exchange" you can see "live" patents for interior doors.

It is possible to patent for example, a chair, a table, and other goods, but in any case it will look like a photo in good quality, or a sketch made in pencil.

Please contact us by email:

vashe-pravo-nn@mail.ru what kind of product you want to patent and we will give you a detailed answer. Best wishes to You and your business.

Lokesh 10.10.2019 12:34

tell me how the price is formed for registration of patents for trademarks and patents for industrial design?
in the Internet a lot of information, there is no understanding and no confidence

good time

the price for registration of patents and trademarks and patents for industrial design, is formed only from two components:

1. mandatory payments paid to the state patent registration authorities;
2. payment for the services of the organization issuing patents.

1. Not understanding the formation of prices arises only from the fact that the client does not know the real payments. Example: the client previously monitored the Internet, found a lot of conflicting information on payments, then issued a task for miscalculation to a specialized firm, he was Given a calculation of the cost, and the figures begin to "walk", as depending on the client's application, the price of the patent may vary greatly (1 country in the national patent office, one price, 1 country but issued in the Central patent office of Europe but with further prolongation to other countries, another price, 2 or more countries issued in the Central patent office, the third price). As a result, the price spread may vary several times.

Therefore, we are supporters of conducting initial consultations with the client or online training, for conditional money, but as a result the client gets a clear understanding of what he wants and saves money by understanding what he needs at the moment.

2. Payment for services, this is a separate topic as for example, there is a situation someone can do cheaper, someone can do more expensive. Cheaper doesn't mean better. The client decides.

Write, if You do not understand something, try to clarify the situation.

Lokesh 05.10.2019 18:35
thank you for your answer, we will send you an email with a detailed description of what we need

thank you, we will wait for Your letter

Lokesh 05.10.2019 18:14
Hello. interested in registration of a patent for a trademark in several EU countries, how much will it cost and how long will be issued

Good time, our company can help to obtain a patent for a trademark in the European Union. terms of registration from 6 months, prices will provide after a detailed study of your information, please write a more detailed letter to the mail: vashe-pravo-nn@mail.ru




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